Core Banking Systems’ Integration: TT Hellenic Postbank & TBank

The Hellenic Postbank asked Cognity to implement the strategic imperative of creating an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) by integrating the existing Core Banking systems of the Hellenic Postbank and TBank andin order to create a unified network of Branches that would support the customers of both Banks with real time end-to-end processing of certain bank transactions.

Wind SOA

Cognity implemented the strategic imperative of Wind to create a common EAI/SOA infrastructure to integrate the existing systems of the organisation and enable the real-time provisioning of information as well as the creation of business process that span across systems and departments. When Wind merged with Tellas (a leading fixed line and ADSL provider in Greece) Cognity also expanded this implementation to cover the merge of the underlying processes, systems and infrastructure.

Wind CRM

Wind awarded the project for the implementation and the upgrade of the Siebel Communications CRM to Cognity. Being one of Wind’s strategic imperatives, the project enabled the company to become a fully customer-centric organisation by touching upon all major CRM processes: Sales, Service and Marketing. In particular, the implementation streamlined all pre and post-sales activities of Direct Sales, empowered the Contact Centre (Customer Care) with best-of-breed technology and processes, enabled Wind’s Marketing department to launch innovative campaigns, and integrated the Siebel ecosystem into the overall SOA environment of Wind Hellas