Vodafone CRM & Integration Project

Executive Summary

Vodafone Albania part of Vodafone Group, a global telecommunications leader, present in more than 30 countries and partners with other networks in over 40 countries. Vodafone Albania is one of the leading companies in the Albanian market, the first operator that introduced 3G in Albania and it currently covers 99% of population with its 3G network. Vodafone offers, for its 1.8 million customers in Albania, a wide range of services of highest quality including voice and data communication, ensuring that customers use the best telecommunications network and benefit from novelties. Vodafone Albania has a network of 136 shops across the country offering products and services, handsets and accessories and technical assistance.

Vodafone Albania asked Cognity to implement Siebel Communications CRM and the Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA), in order to cover Sales, Service and Marketing processes of the organization, enable customer-centricity and support the CRM strategy of the organisation. The implementation covered the Direct Sales, the Contact Centre (Customer Care), Order Management, Partner Portal, Mobile Number Portability, Marketing Automation & Analytics.

Business Challenges

The main business challenges addressed in the context of this project were:

  • Create a single, centralised, 360 degree Customer View that can be accesses by the various front-end systems and channels
  • Achieve More Efficient & Effective Customer Service, Minimising Handling Time, Call Transfers and logging Trouble Tickets and Service Requests
  • Provide real-time information in Siebel at the Contact Center and enable end-to- end business processes that serve Sales, Service and Marketing
  • Empower the Call Center Agent to become Universal Agent, able to handle any Sales, Service or Marketing related issue
  • Integrate Siebel with the CTI & IVR to enable automated Customer Service and Reporting
  • Use Siebel as the main front-end system at the Contact Center and drastically reduce the use of all other systems at the front-end
  • Empower the end-users at the Contact Center with up to date customer information, in order to make informed decisions
  • “Keep Customer Happy” while reducing time and cost to serve
  • Create a centralised Product Catalogue in synch with Billing
  • Automate the Order Management Process, reducing activation time and mistakes in the product configuration
  • Credit Management, Debit and Dunning Status Information available real-time via CRM
  • Provide a Customer View at Vodafone Shops and Partners, leading to improved Customer Experience at the Shop
  • Targeted Marketing actions to the Customer base, leading to increased Revenue and improved Retention
  • Integrate Siebel CRM with the business critical systems and applications of Vodafone, such as Oracle BRM Billing, Prepaid, ERP, etc. over AIA and in a standards-based integration based on PIPs
  • Ensure that actions are provisioned correctly and on-time by automating manual processes
  • Enable continuous business process optimization and automation


Turning Vision into Results

Cognity implemented the Vodafone Albania Siebel Communications CRM and the Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA), in order to cover the following:

  • Contact Centre (Customer Care) which included the integration with Genesys CTI and the IVR
  • Sales Force Automation for the Direct Sales processes of the organisation.
  • Order Management, including Product Modelling and Configuration
  • Oracle AIA, including the Agent Assisted Billing Care and the Order to Bill Process Integration Packs (PIPs)
  • Mobile Number Portability processes
  • Marketing Automation and Campaign Management, based on Siebel Marketing
  • Analytics based on Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) and selected Analytics applications

Siebel Communications CRM is integrated with Oracle BRM (Billing), Prepaid, Provisioning, ERP, DWH, etc. in order to cover the mission-critical Sales, Service and Marketing operations of Vodafone Albania and achieve the following strategic targets:

  • Enhanced Operational Performance
  • Improved time-to-market
  • Improved Commercial Operations
  • Infrastructure Modernisation
  • Business Capabilities & Improvements
  • Improved Customer Services
  • Enhanced Product/Service Offerings
  • Lower activation time at the Shops/Partner
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • IT Architecture Rationalisation
  • Clear Data Mastership
  • Streamline Order Management & Provisioning
  • Clear ownership of functionality by systems
  •  Multi-channel access to customer view and processes

Cognity implemented Siebel CRM and AIA based on Telecommunication best-practices, introducing minimal customisations that will ensure smooth operations and upgrades to Vodafone Albania. This implementation served as a blueprint for other implementations in the Vodafone Group, demonstrating the correct and standards-based approach of the system delivered by Cognity.

Cognity is continuously extending the above infrastructure and provides Maintenance & Technical support services to Vodafone Albania, based on a SLA.