Wind CRM

Executive Summary

Wind Hellas is one of the major Telecommunications in Greece with more than 3.5 million customers. Within 20 years, the company has been established as a technology pioneer and has offered innovative products that have changed consumers’ way of communication. Today, Wind Hellas is the only integrated telecom operator in Greece offering Mobile, Fixed and Internet services, from a single point of sale and service, under a single bill.

Wind awarded the project for the implementation and the upgrade of the Siebel Communications CRM to Cognity. Being one of Wind’s strategic imperatives, the project enabled the company to become a fully customer-centric organisation by touching upon all major CRM processes: Sales, Service and Marketing. In particular, the implementation streamlined all pre and post-sales activities of Direct Sales, empowered the Contact Centre (Customer Care) with best-of-breed technology and processes, enabled Wind’s Marketing department to launch innovative campaigns, and integrated the Siebel ecosystem into the overall SOA environment of Wind Hellas.

Business Challenges

The main business challenges addressed in the context of this project were:

  • Create a single, centralized, 360 degree Customer View that can be accessed by the various customer-facing employees across channels
  • Provide real-time information through Siebel at the Contact Center
  •  Streamline end-to-end business processes that serve Sales, Service and Marketing
  • Empower the Call Center Agent to become Universal Agent, able to handle any Sales, Service or Marketing related issue
  • Integrate Siebel with the CTI & IVR to enable automated Customer Service and Reporting
  • Use Siebel as the main front-end system at the Contact Center and drastically reduce the use of all other systems at the front-end
  • Empower the end-users at the Contact Center with up to date customer information, in order to make informed decisions
  • Reduce Customer handling time
  • Integrate Siebel CRM with the business critical systems and applications of Wind, such a BSCS Billing, Prepaid, SAP, SAP ERP, Point-of-Sales, etc. over SOA
  • Ensure that all actions are provisioned correctly and on-time by automating manual processes
  • Enable continuous business process optimisation and automation

Turning Vision into Results

Cognity implemented Siebel Communications CRM for Sales Force Automation to support all pre and post-sales activities of the Direct Sales department of Wind Hellas. A key feature that was implemented as an extension of the out-of-the box functionality of Siebel was related to the automation of Special Agreements with key corporate customers of Wind.

In addition, Siebel’s call center functionality was customised to cover the specific needs of Wind’s mature contact center environment. Integration with CTI, IVR and all core BSS systems of the organisation empowered customer-facing employees with rich information and tools through a simple to use Siebel view.

The integration of Siebel Marketing with Wind’s content-rich BI environment enabled Marketing users to perform Marketing-driven segmentation and campaign planning. Furthermore, integration with Wind’s pre-paid and post-paid billing systems enabled real-time error-free offer activation. Finally, integration with Wind’s ERP system enabled offers that involve tangible goods to be provisioned timely and correctly.

During the merger between Wind and Tellas, Cognity implemented the CRM integration of Wind and Tellas, to support the merging of the infrastructures of both organisations. Cognity leveraged its experience of the Tellas CRM & Order Management implementation, so that Wind and Tellas can operate in a common infrastructure and harmonise their processes.

The key success factors of the project were:

  • Cognity’s strong technical competence coupled with in-depth understanding of the business domain
  • Quality of the deliverables
  • Strict adherence to the agreed timeplan
  • Wind’s management commitment and internal competence

Cognity is continuously extending the above infrastructure and provides Maintenance & Technical support services to Wind, based on a SLA.