Wind Marketing Automation & Campaign Management

Optimise Loyalty and Cross-Selling Convergent initiatives through Close-Loop Marketing

Executive Summary

Wind Hellas is one of the major Telecommunications in Greece with more than 3.5 million customers. Within 20 years, the company has been established as a technology pioneer and has offered innovative products that have changed consumers’ way of communication. Today, Wind Hellas is the only integrated telecom operator in Greece offering Mobile, Fixed and Internet services, from a single point of sale and service, under a single bill.

One of its main strategic directions is to capitalize on fixed-mobile convergence in order to increase loyalty, boost cross-selling and eventually increase revenues. The acquisition of Tellas - one of the leading players in the fixed and broadband market in Greece - offered the business opportunity to follow this strategic direction, but it has been clear from the very beginning that technology would play a serious role in turning vision into reality.

Cognity implemented a state-of-the-art campaigning solution that capitalized on Oracle’s Siebel Marketing as well as the existing content-rich BI environment in order to offer the level of process automation, built-in intelligence and robustness required by Wind Hellas in the pursue of its strategic vision.

Business Challenges

The main business challenges addressed in the context of this project were:

  • Building a solution that could easily scale-up by eliminating bottlenecks in the campaign design and execution process
  • Bridging the gap between business processes relevant to the mobile, fixed and broadband business segments
  • Streamlining the communication between the Marketing functions responsible to design the campaigns and the support functions responsible for the their day-to-day operation
  • Ensuring that all offers are provisioned correctly and on-time by eliminating all relevant manual processes
  • Maximising success rates by enabling highly targeted campaigns executed in a timely manner
  • Enabling continuous process optimization by supporting advanced close-loop reporting

Turning Vision into Results

Cognity used Oracle’s Siebel Marketing as the foundation for building a campaigning solution that could offer the desired business benefits to Wind. Integration was key to the overall success of the project. The key integration points were the following:

  • Wind’s Business Intelligence environment. By integrating to Wind’s BI environment, we were able to expose in a user-friendly way its rich content to Marketing users for segmentation. This removed IT bottlenecks from the process, thus allowing it to be easily scalable. By communicating campaign responses back to Wind’s BI environment, we managed to facilitate advanced close-loop reporting capabilities.
  • Genesys CTI. Integration with Genesys CTI streamlined the communication between Marketing and Customer Service. Once a campaign and its offers are designed from Marketing, all required information is communicated automatically to Genesys using standard Siebel-Genesys integration mechanisms. This has enabled optimized management of contact center resources.
  • Wind’s SMSC. Integration with Wind’s SMSC enabled automated SMS campaigns with advanced load balancing features. As SMS campaigns do not require human resources for their execution, this feature has increased considerably Wind’s capacity for running campaigns.
  • Wind’s Billing systems and SAP ERP: By integrating with Wind’s Billing systems (BSCS for post-paid and Ericsson’s CS4 for pre-paid) as well as SAP, we managed to automate the provisioning of all offers to the respective system, thus eliminating relevant customer complaints and significantly reducing the resources required for the day-to-day operation of the campaigns.
  • Finally, by utilizing the multi-channel and multi-stage features of Siebel Marketing we enabled advanced campaign design capabilities through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The critical sucess factors of the project were:

  • Cognity’s strong technical competence coupled with in-depth understanding of the business domain
  • Quality of the deliverables
  • Strict adherence to the agreed timeplan
  • Wind’s management commitment and internal competence

Cognity is continuously extending the above infrastructure and provides Maintenance & Technical support services to Wind, based on a SLA.