Wind SOA

Executive Summary

Wind Hellas is one of the major Telecommunications in Greece with more than 3.5 million customers. Within 20 years, the company has been established as a technology pioneer and has offered innovative products that have changed consumers’ way of communication. Today, Wind Hellas is the only integrated telecom operator in Greece offering Mobile, Fixed and Internet services, from a single point of sale and service, under a single bill.

Cognity implemented the strategic imperative of Wind to create a common EAI/SOA infrastructure to integrate the existing systems of the organisation and enable the real-time provisioning of information as well as the creation of business process that span across systems and departments. When Wind merged with Tellas (a leading fixed line and DSL provider in Greece) Cognity also expanded this implementation to cover the merge of the underlying processes, systems and infrastructure.

Business Challenges

The main business challenges addressed in the context of this project were:

  • Integrate a number of business critical systems and applications of Wind, such a BSCS Billing, Prepaid, SAP, Siebel CRM, SAP ERP, Point-of-Sales, etc.
  • Enable a standards-based integration between the Wind’s systems
  • Provide real-time information at the front-end applications and enable end-to-end business processes that serve Sales, Service and Marketing
  • Empower the end-users at the Call Center and the Shop with up to date customer information, in order to make informed decisions
  • Ensure that all actions are provisioned correctly and on-time by automating manual processes
  • Enable continuous business process optimisation and automation
  • Facilitate the upgrade and the transition of systems by minimising the integration effort
  • Enable the implementation of add-on services and applications

Turning Vision into Results

Cognity implemented a unified EAI/SOA infrastructure to integrate the existing backend and front-end systems of Wind, to enable the real-time interaction between these systems, as well as the creation of end-to-end business processes that span across systems, channels and departments. The systems integrated include Ericsson’s BSCS Billing, Prepaid, Siebel Communications, SAP, Point-of-Sales, etc. The infrastructure, implemented by Cognity on Oracle SOA, provides the business process automation required in the Order management, Sales, Customer Service and Marketing processes of Wind and it is mission-critical to the operations of the organisation.

In addition, this infrastructure has been utilised in order to implement add-on services and applications that have been exposed via the front-end channels of Wind and is extending the implementation along with the introduction of new products/services by Wind.

During the merger between Wind and Tellas, the same infrastructure was used to isolate all gaps between systems and align processes and interfaces between the Fixed and Mobile businesses. Cognity also implemented the CRM integration of Wind and Tellas, to support the merging of the infrastructures of both organisations. Cognity leveraged its experience of the Tellas CRM & Order Management implementation, so that Wind and Tellas can operate in a common infrastructure and harmonise their processes.

The key success factors of the project were:

  • Cognity’s strong technical competence coupled with in-depth understanding of the business domain
  • Quality of the deliverables
  • Strict adherence to the agreed time-plan
  • Wind’s management commitment and internal competence

Cognity is continuously extending the above infrastructure and provides Maintenance & Technical support services to Wind, based on a SLA.