CRM & Customer Experience

Cognity specialises in CRM & Customer Experience (Cx) Management Solutions drawing from its long experience in large-scale CRM implementations, in the leading Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods customers in Europe, Middle East and beyond. We are offering complete cloud-based CRM & Cx solutions that delivers great customer experiences across all channels of interaction, based on the globally leading platforms of Salesforce, Oracle and other vendors:

Sales Cloud

Achieve your sales targets with the leading mobile sales force automation solution, offering comprehensive management of leads, accounts, opportunities and activities. Sales performance management, forecasting and analytics enable sales reps and managers to plan, execute and gain insight on their operations.

Service Cloud

Better understand your customers and quickly deliver the right answers at the right time through preferred service channels and devices. Provide web customer service, cross-channel contact center, fast field service and adhere to policies and regulations.

Marketing Cloud

Deliver experiences as simple, consistent, and relevant as possible, as the customer moves throughout its lifecycle. Target and segment customers, design, execute and manage campaigns, perform content marketing, run social marketing campaigns and measure marketing effectiveness.

Social Relationship Management

Manage the relationship with your customers via the Social media. Deep listening, global reach, a unified social media management platform, and integrations with CRM & Cx applications.

Configure, Price & Quote

Sell faster, easier, and with greater accuracy, from anywhere. Streamline the sales process from inquiry to order with flexible, cloud solutions. It's a level of speed and accuracy your salesforce will love and your customers will appreciate.

Commerce Cloud

Deliver personalised and optimised on-line selling experiences with battle-tested scale and performance. Manage and optimise your sales catalogue and have maximum control over each selling interaction.

Customer Relationship Management

Cognity specialises in demanding CRM project implementations, having experience in mission-critical projects in the leading Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Betting, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods customers in Europe and beyond. Cognity's experience is in Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle Cloud Cx and Salesforce implementations.

CRM is a comprehensive approach to identifying, acquiring and retaining customers. By enabling organisations to manage and coordinate customer interactions across multiple channels, departments and lines of business, CRM helps in maximising the value of every customer interaction, achieve excellence in customer experience and drive superior business performance. Organisations can reap rewards from CRM in several ways such as:

  • Improving and optimising customer experience across channels (Web, Mobile/Tablet, Contact Center, IVR, Shop/Branch, Partner, Email, Social Media, etc.)

  • Extending the depth and breadth of customer relationships, to increase customer “wallet share” and market share

  • Building customer satisfaction and loyalty in every customer interaction, across touchpoints

  • Making it easy for customers to do business with the organisation anytime, anywhere, any way they prefer and making customers feel that they are dealing with a same organisation, that recognises them and their value at every contact

  • Reducing delivery channel costs by moving customers and transactions from costly channels to less expensive ones, such as the Mobile/Tablet, the Web, the Contact Center/IVR

  • Harnessing the influencing power of Social Media by listening to your Customers, analysing their behaviour and integrating their social media interactions with their 360-degree customer view.

  • Reinforcing the organisation’s brand — not merely by raising awareness through indirect media, but by fulfilling the brand’s promise through direct media campaigns, real-time decisions (RTD) and next-best action (NBA).

  • Reinforcing dealer/partner relations in order to support end-to-end customer-centric marketing, sales and service processes

By streamlining processes and providing sales, service and marketing employees with up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive customer information, CRM enables organisations to establish deeper and more profitable customer relationships, increase customer retention, improve employee productivity and decrease operating costs. More specifically:

  • Marketing departments can improve campaign management and marketing planning, increase marketing-driven revenue and campaign response rates, while at the same time decreasing lead generation and customer acquisition costs.

  • By employing the latest technologies in Real-Time Decision-making (RTD) and Next-Best-Action or Next-Best-Offer (NBA/NBO) they can engage in an actual dialogue with the customer, take into account the real-time context of the dialogue and optimise in real-time the propositions/offers to the customer.

  • Sales departments can manage the opportunity sales cycle, improve cross-selling and up-selling, perform more accurate forecasting and increase key sales-performance metrics such as average order size, revenue per sales representative, revenue per customer, product penetration per customer, etc.

  • Customer Service/Customer Care departments can increase service employee productivity, decrease handling time, improve resolution times and facilitate customer retention, while decreasing service costs and enhancing the complete customer view with customer-generated content.

Effective CRM is a strategic imperative for corporate growth and survival in a highly-competitive environment, across every industry sector. Customer Experience Management is of paramount importance to the overall customer satisfaction, while products are being commoditised. Research has shown that companies with satisfied/loyal customers have more repeat business, lower customer acquisition costs and stronger brand value, all of which translates into improved financial performance.