Customer Experience & CRM on the Cloud

Cognity is offering complete cloud-based CRM & Cx that delivers great customer experiences across all channels of interaction:

  • Sales Cloud

  • Service Cloud

  • Marketing Cloud

  • Social Relationship Management

  • Configure, Price Quote (CPQ)

  • Commerce Cloud

  • Community Cloud

In addition to the above Cognity offers two fixed service offerings:

  • Sales Cloud Retail Execution, covering the visit planning, execution and merchandising functions for organisations with stores/shops

  • Service Cloud, covering Complaint Management for Telecommunications, Financial Services and other organisations

For more information on these offerings please contact us.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud offers the following main capabilities: 

Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) - Provides a complete set of SFA and productivity capabilities—from pipeline and lead management to accounts and opportunities. Delivers mobile sales applications with a familiar user interface—including gestures like swipe and tap—even offline. Provides seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook—in the office or on the road—for better SFA participation and updates. Enables collaborative social networking around customers, opportunities, and documents for better efficiency and team selling.

Sales Performance Management - Accelerates planning and changes with easy-to-use territory management tools. Provides quota management that factors in seasonal and historical trends and enables top-down and bottom-up distribution
Integrates incentive compensation with SFA for real-time visibility and tools to model and rollout plans without disruption.

Forecasting & Sales Analytics - Delivers territory-driven forecasts and +13-month trending for forecasts, and mobile updates to keep forecasts current. Provides role-based dashboards and analytics for real-time insights into sales trends—even on mobile devices. Provides easy-to-create drill-down reports without limitations on which or how many reports you can run.

Customer Data Management - Delivers clean, “best version” customer profiles with integrated customer insights that reps and managers can trust. Provides the ability to mine reports on “white space” opportunities within an account or territory to uncover new deals. Identifies additional cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with predictive analytics that harness historical sales data.

Integration & Extensibility - Integrates with Marketing Cloud to build pipelines across channels, deliver information-rich prospect profiles, and keep opportunities campaigns, and responses in synch. Provides guided selling and pricing as well as pixel-perfect proposals with Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud (CPQ). Integrates with third-party data sources and social, marketing, service, and ERP processes. Provides easy-to-deploy, easy-to-change extensibility and configurability tools to match your sales processes, sales user, and sales intelligence needs.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud makes it possible for you to better understand your customers and quickly deliver the right answers at the right time through preferred service channels and devices. 
Whether you need to deliver web customer service, enable a cross-channel contact center, provide fast service in the field, connect silos, or adhere to policies and regulations, Service Cloud makes it easy for customers to engage with your brand; your employees to serve customers; and your organization to adapt to changing business needs. Key features of Service Cloud include the following:

  • Web Customer Service - Web self-service, Social self-service, E-mail support, Live chat, Virtual assistant, Smart engagement

  • Cross-Channel Contact Centre - Case management, Guided resolution, Customer engagement, Social contact centre, Agent mobility, Unified agent desktop

  • Knowledge Management - Content authoring, Semantic search, Guided knowledge, Knowledge analytics, Integrated apps, Knowledge APIs

  • Policy Automation - Dynamic interviews, Compliance management, Rule modelling, Policy lifecycle, Policy analytics, Determination services

  • Field Service Management - Capacity planning and booking, Routing and optimisation, Dispatch and management, Mobile app, Contextual collaboration, Customer communication

  • Service Cloud Platform - Experience management, Extensibility and integration, Hosting and operations

Marketing Cloud

Customers have many choices, so it is critical to make their experiences as simple, consistent, and relevant as possible as they move throughout the customer lifecycle—from buying to owning, and back again. By delivering exceptional customer experiences, companies can acquire new customers, retain more customers, and improve efficiency. Key Capabilities of the Marketing Cloud include:

  • Targeting & Segmentation - Prospect job title and organizational role. Responses to marketing campaigns and behaviours. Logs of website visits and pages viewed.

  • Campaign Management - Create, measure, and repeat success. Automate marketing campaigns to scale marketing operations. Create best practice processes, and optimize program success.

  • Sales Enablement - Identification of the most engaged buyers. Tracking what web pages a prospect visited. Locate which search terms brought them to your site.

  • Lead Management - Prospect job title and organizational role. Responses to marketing campaigns and behaviours. Logs of website visits and pages viewed.

  • Marketing Measurement - Email campaign and marketing analysis. Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Sales opportunities by region or product. Website traffic, social media, and blogs.

  • Content Marketing - Define your strategy on a single intuitive content calendar. Make it easy to use so everyone in the organization can participate. Push content to your website, blog, and marketing automation system.

  • Social Marketing - Listen and engage in social conversations. Analyze and gain insight into trends. Manage your community and content creation.

  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing - Keep your customers loyal and profitable. Personalise campaigns to increase loyalty. Create superior customer experiences

Social Relationship Management

With over 100 social media management solutions in the marketplace all claiming to do the same thing, how do you differentiate between these solutions and decide which vendor to choose from? Social has deep listening, global reach, a unified social media management platform, and integrations with CRM & Cx applications. Key Capabilities include: 

  • Deeper Listening - Uses Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) listening technology. Filters more spam and gives you more accurate and relevant listening data. Indicators feature shows consumer intent, product likes/dislikes, and customer service issues.

  • Global Scale - Software available in 31+ languages, social listening in 18+ languages. Offices in 145+ countries. Best solution for brands with global presence.

  • Unified Platform - Industry’s first unified social media management platform. Listening, Engagement, Publishing, Social Apps, Paid Media, and Analytics in one place. Can replace 2-6 social point solutions with one product.

  • Integrated with Cx Apps - Integrated with Marketing, Service, Sales, and Commerce. Removes data silos, all your business applications are in one place. Leverage social media everywhere in your business.

Configure, Price & Quote

CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) helps you sell faster, easier, and with greater accuracy—from anywhere. Traditional approaches to producing quotes and proposals from your CRM system can be complicated, manual, and poorly defined, –resulting in errors and wasted selling time. CPQ’s products transform sales processes so you can sell more, faster, and deliver a superior customer experience. And because they're in the Cloud, they scale as your business grows.

Help your sales staff, channels, and customers find the right products through guided selling. Quickly generate sales quotes and proposals right from your CRM system. CPQ Cloud's BigMachines products streamline the sales process from inquiry to order with flexible, cloud solutions. It's a level of speed and accuracy your salesforce will love and customers will appreciate. Shaped by our customers, our award-winning software leads the industry in innovation and adoption.

As the leader in CPQ, we deliver a full solution to manage the entire Quote-to-Cash process, from configure, quoting, and proposal to order fulfillment. Whether you sell through direct sales, partner channels, online stores, or all three, it works the way your business works.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce solutions enable you to keep up with the evolving demands of commerce by offering battle-tested commerce applications focused on personalised experiences, business user enablement, and scalability. Key features of Commerce cloud include the following:

Deliver Personalised and Optimised Experiences with Battle-Tested Scale and Performance - Enables the world's best brands to surpass online revenue milestones year over year. Allows even complex digital businesses to innovate in time with market changes and expand quickly and easily.

Control Over Every Selling Interaction—at the Tip of your Fingers - Allows nontechnical users to combine unlimited variations of virtual product and customer data to deliver personalised assortments of relevant products, promotions, and content.

Managing and Optimising the Product Catalog has Never Been Easier - Respond faster to rapidly changing business and consumer demands by putting full control over the omni-channel merchandising process in the hands of marketers and merchants.

Streamline Customer Service Across All Commerce Touch Points - Deliver the best customer service and drive repeat business with faster problem resolution and a personalised, consistent experience across all commerce touch points.