Omni-Channel Customer Experience means:

  1. Putting customers first
  2. Always available: Any time, Any place, Any device
  3. Providing consistent messaging and experiences across all touchpoints
  4. Correlating all customer data in meaningful front-end views, available to employees and customers
  5. Keeping track of customer interactions and enabling a continuous experience across channels
  6. Knowing the stage at the customer lifecycle and exploiting the real-time context of each customer interaction
  7. Providing always-relevant information to the customer, at each step, proactively
  8. Avoiding clutter, over-contacting and irrelevant messaging
  9. Enabling engaging customer interactions

Today’s customers expect and demand seamless sales, service and marketing journeys that are available any time and any place they want. Seamless, frictionless customer experience that are intuitive, easy to use.

Cognity and its Partners can help you digitally transform your organisation to provide truly unique omni-channel customer experience. We help you modernise and orchestrate all your customer touch points, transforming multiple siloed channels and applications into a consistent brand experience that is easy to use and always available.

There is no need to replace or rebuild your core systems and applications. We can help you repurpose them by incorporating their content, data, and functionality into a new digital customer experience layer. Optimised for easy integration with your existing business applications and the delivery of a unified and seamless customer experience across any device and channel.

Cognity and its Partners have developed out-of-the-box digital banking & financial services solutions optimised for retail banking, commercial banking, wealth management and insurance. Kickstart your project and dramatically decrease your time-to-market by leveraging industry best-practices and ready-to-go implementation accelerators.

We put you in control of your digital strategy, allowing you to create, manage, and optimise the end-to-end customer experience across every device and channel. Cognity and its Partners have invested in many years of successful projects and R&D to give you exactly the right management and digital marketing tools you need to take full control of optimising the customer experience, resulting in more conversions, closer customer engagement and increased customer satisfaction.