Order & Service Management for Convergent Telecoms

Cognity specialises in Order & Service Management implementations in Telecommunications, which cover the whole range of Product Catalogue Modelling and Implementation, as well as the comprehensive array of Order Management Processes (Activation, Modification, Upgrade, Disconnection, Suspension/Reconnection, Change Ownership, Bundling/Unbundling, Pre2Post, Post2Pre, Number Portability, Bulk Orders, etc.).

We have implemented a wide range of complex Order Management projects covering both Customer Order Management (COM), Service Order Management (SOM) and Technical Order Management (TOM) and our team has experience in Mobile, Fixed, Internet, TV Product Lines, Bundles and Convergent Product Catalogues.

Our experience covers a number of complex Order Management Project implementations including:

  • Convergent Product Catalogue Design & Implementation
  • Oracle Order & Service Management (OSM), covering COM, SOM, TOM
  • Siebel Order Management, Asset Based Ordering & Bulk Ordering
  • Multichannel Order Capture: Shops, Dealers/Partners, Contact Center, eShop, Mobile Apps
  • Order Capture using an Electronic Point-of-Sales (POS) system or Partner Relationship Management (Siebel PRM) for Shops/Dealers/Partners
  • eCommerce/eShop (Oracle ATG Commerce) & Web Self-Service (eCare)
  • Order Management Processes & Fulfilment over SOA and over Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) & Process Integration Packs (PIPs): Order to Bill, Order to Activate, etc.
  • Integration with back-end systems: Billing, Provisioning, ERP, etc.
  • Mobile Applications on iOS & Android

Rapid Offer/Service Design & Order Delivery (RxDOD)

The Order Management solutions presented above are part of the overall RODOD & RSDOD Architecture provided by Oracle. It is a complete stack of Oracle products that in its full extent include:

  • Siebel Communications CRM for the Offer/Quote Design and the Order Capture
  • Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM) as the Customer Hub, for the centralised management of Customers
  • Product Hub, for the centralised management of Products/Services
  • Oracle Order & Service Management (OSM) for the Order Fulfillment processes
  • Oracle Billing & Revenue Management (BRM) for the Billing
  • Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS), as the ERP
  • Oracle UIM and Oracle ASAP
  • Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) & Process Integration Packs (PIPs): Order to Bill, Order to Activate, etc. for the pre-built integration between the above systems

Rapid Offer Design & Order Delivery (RODOD) has been designed to bring an efficient and cost effective design that delivers new products and services with present capabilities and future goals in mind. With RODOD, Telecommunications organisations can effectively manage front- and back-office operations for new offers, as well as capture and efficiently manage order provisioning tasks for end-to-end visibility across the order life cycle processes.

Rapid Service Design & Order Delivery (RSDOD) Solution, allows Telecommunications to design the OSS operations of provisioning, inventory management and activation functions in a way that allows them to deliver measurable benefits in key business metrics. The results are:

  • Rapid service design and launch
  • Fast, accurate service delivery
  • Reduced IT complexity and cost