Support Center 

Technical Support & Maintenance

The Support & Maintenance Services of Cognity are being covered by the Support Centre, which is responsible for the post-implementation support of all the Customer Installations and for all the products offered and turn-key projects implemented by Cognity. Our Technical Support Professionals have long experience in supporting customers, integrated projects and complex IT environments.

Cognity offers Standard and Extended Maintenance & Technical Support services which are being covered by a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA), signed with Customer. Cognity offers all levels of technical support services and operates in close collaboration with the respective software vendors in order to resolve issues in a timely manner and to the highest level of Customer satisfaction. The Support Centre of Cognity is logging Customers' Service Requests and keeps track of their associated Activities until their fulfillment, based on the agreed SLA.

Cognity can also offer first level support services to end-users, operational support for the daily operation of the systems, evolutionary maintenance for the extension of the implemented systems and preventive maintenance.

We are happy to discuss your support needs and identify the support & maintenance mix that suits your business.