We actively collaborate with our customers to turn their digital vision into results and we serve the leading organisations in Europe and Middle East, through our regional offices.

Cognity is a key driver of the Digital Transformation of these organisations, by:

  • improving the responsiveness of IT,

  • facilitating the collaboration between Business and IT teams, thus

  • enabling organisational agility,

  • providing a major competitive edge in fast-paced environments, where both opportunities and threats evolve faster than ever,

  • successfully blending digital and physical channels,

  • offering unique customer experiences, seamlessly

Customer Results

By blending the focus areas and offerings presented below, with our strong industry expertise we help our Customers outperform their targets and generate value, in a sustainable manner. Based on our industry insight, local knowledge and delivery expertise, we constantly identify new business opportunities and trends for our Customers and help them:

  • Transform to Digital organisations

  • Improve Customer Experience

  • Attract and Retain more Customers in an engaging manner

  • Increase their revenues and profitability

  • Improve their business performance, by becoming more effective and by reducing costs

  • Expand in new areas and markets

Key Facts about Cognity

Cognity is an IT Services Provider with international presence, working actively with the leading Telecommunications Groups in Europe such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Vodafone, Telenor, and has 15+ mobile, fixed & convergent Operators as Customers.

In addition, we are working extensively with Banking, Financial Services, Betting/Gaming, Hospitality and Retail organisations in the region, such as the National Bank of Greece, Piraeus Bank, Interamerican Insurance in Greece & Cyprus, Groupama Asfalistiki Insurance and many other leading organisations.

Our offerings are comprehensive IT solutions primarily for the top-tier companies of each market in the areas of:

Cognity was founded by a team of highly-qualified professionals, having long experience in the Information Technology (IT) & Telecommunications sectors in Southeast Europe and beyond. We capitalise on the long-standing experience of our professionals in promoting and 'making happen' turn-key projects, as well as integrated solutions in these areas.

The complete product and service offerings of Cognity include high-calibre consulting services and turn-key projects in market sectors where our professionals have long and proven experience. These market sectors include Telecoms, Financial Services, Retail, Pharma and Consumer Goods. 

Cognity is certified with ISO 9001:2015 for the provision of high quality services to its Customers, substantially contributing to their excellence.


By adopting a Customer-centric approach, Cognity aims at the comprehensive coverage of the Customer's specific Business & IT needs. We aim at helping our customers improve their business performance by understanding their business needs, focusing on IT solutions that can transform these needs to their advantage, optimising business workflows and implementing the business systems that support them. Complete Customer Satisfaction is the cornerstone of all customer-centric activities ranging from marketing, to sales, professional services and support.



Our consulting services and comprehensive solutions cover the complete project lifecycle, ensuring that PeopleProcess and Technology are fully aligned to the Business Strategy of the Customer and function properly in the overall ecosystem. An ecosystem that involves the Customer's organisation, its end-Customers, its Partners and its employees. We provide front-office and back-office systems, solutions and integrated services, always aiming at solving the real-life business problems of our Customers. By following a proven and pragmatic methodology, which aligns Business & IT needs, Cognity professionals are able to deliver consulting services and turn-key projects on-time, on-budget and on-target.

Key Differentiators

Our key differentiators lie in our ability to understand the enterprise Customers and their need for top-notch presales, after-sales and consulting services, on each one of the globally-leading products we represent. It has been our strong belief that enterprise-grade products only reach their full potential when they are being implemented by the right team. Our ability to enable transformation is valued by our Customers as our key differentiator.

Our Team

Our People = Your Team

Our people are “hand-picked” based on their high academic and professional education, along with their demonstrated performance in complex IT and Business projects. Through their participation in a multitude of projects in diverse customer environments, across business sectors, they have gained strong professional experience. These people form your project team and ensure a successful implementation, on-time, on-budget and on-expectations.

Furthermore, our people have a long line of success stories in representing, reselling, implementing, supporting and working with the leading enterprise software vendors of the global IT market. Our executives have proven experience in representing globally leading enterprise software vendors in the market.

We act ethically and with integrity in all our business operations and we comply with anti-corruption laws, such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act, in all countries in which we do business.

Our Partners

Meticulously selected & globally leading

Cognity partners with globally-leading software vendors and successfully promotes and implements their solutions in the market. Supported by our commitment, customer–centric approach and technical skills, these vendors have gained dominant positions in the market, penetrating key market sectors such as Telecommunications and Financial Services. 

Currently Cognity has the following key partnerships:

  • Oracle, Worldwide Gold Partner

    • Cognity has been awarded by Oracle with the following awards:

      • Partner of the Year CX Cloud CEE 2019

      • Applications Partner of the Year 2017, Greece

      • ECE Partner Excellence Award in Applications

      • Best Partner of the year for Eastern Europe & CIS

  • Salesforce

  • Ecrion

  • Cloudera

  • Elastic

  • bpm’online

  • Adaptive

  • Syncsort, Trillium

  • Confluent

  • Ericsson

  • CSGI

  • Mobileum

  • Cvidya

  • Keynote SIGOS

  • IBM

  • Tibco

  • Software AG

  • Namirial (xyzmo Significant)

Cognity forms partnerships with best-of-breed vendors to cover the needs of its Customers.