Master Data Management

The two main areas of Master Data Management (MDM) cover Customer Data Integration (CDI or Customer Master, Customer Hub) and Product Master (or Product Hub) and they create operational sources of Customer and Product information, respectively, that play a central role in modern IT Architectures. These systems consolidate and integrate data from various back-end systems and enable the organisation to provide a single source of truth for Customer and Product related data.

The Enterprise Master Data Management (MDM) suite of products consolidates and maintains complete, accurate, and authoritative master data across the enterprise and distributes this master information to all operational and analytical applications as a shared service.

Cognity has implemented some of the most complex and demanding MDM projects in Southeast Europe in large Telecommunications and Financial Services organisations, consolidating data from disparate back-end systems, enforcing common Data Quality policies and rules, and integrating the MDM with the back-end systems over SOA, in order to ensure the consistent and real-time flow of information.

In addition to the above, Data Quality & Data Governance play an integral part of an the overall MDM project, enabling the organisation to cleanse, transform, de-duplicate and standardise its Customer and Product data.