IT Service Management

All revenue channels are supported by Services. If they do not work efficiently, organisations lose money and customers. Cognity's ITSM solutions empower our customers to successfully Control & Manage all the elements of the IT delivery chain, by effectively mapping and monitoring the Infrastructure, Applications and Services related to each line of Business. This enables the proactive and real-time detection of issues -accurate zero-in on root causes or underlying problems- resulting in their resolution before the end-user experience is negatively impacted.

We design, implement and support enterprise scalable, customer-specific solutions through the following Professional Services.

Management of IT Infrastructure

Central monitoring console for Availability and Performance. Operations Manager is a consolidated event and performance management console that correlates infrastructure, network and end-user experience events across your entire IT infrastructure. It monitors both physical and virtual servers to identify the root cause of event storms, allowing faster time to resolution at lower cost.

  • Network
  • Servers (H/W, OS, Cluster, Storage)
  • Databases
  • Applications (bottom-up)

End-to-End Service Monitoring

Solution that gathers and analyses information from a dynamic, real-time service model to give you visibility and insight into the performance of your applications, your infrastructure and the connections between them. In today's dynamic, complex IT environments, this enables you to correlate and map physical, virtual and cloud-based elements to fully understand your infrastructure and manage it more effectively.

  • Applications' End-User Experience (top-down)
  • Synthetic and Real Users monitoring
  • Service Reporting
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Service-Oriented IT Operations

Composite Application Management top-down, end-to-end lifecycle solution to seamlessly monitor, isolate problems and identify root causes in composite applications running in heterogeneous environments. This solution enables you to start with the end user and then drill-down in context into application components, packaged applications, and back-end tiers in order to rapidly resolve the problems that have the greatest business impact.

  • Service Views will relate the IT infrastructure components and the Applications to the IT services offered to external and internal customers
  • Billing, Rating, Provisioning, Prepaid, SOA, CRM, ERP, etc.
  • Core Banking, Card Management, Internet Banking, Insurance Core Systems, etc.

Configuration Management

Your IT environment is complex and distributed. This makes it critical to understand how changes to your environment impact services that run your Business. You need visibility into infrastructure and applications to understand how they support your business services.

Universal Configuration Management Database (uCMDB) software verifies the relationships between infrastructure, applications and business services. Universal CMDB software automatically maintains accurate, up-to-date information on these relationships. One of Universal CMDB's key differentiators is its native integration with HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping software.

Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDMA) software automates discovery and dependency mapping of services, applications, and underlying infrastructure. Mapping helps you perform failure impact analysis, which minimise downtime. Improved visibility into IT helps you transform into a modern, flexible, and converged infrastructure that reduces operational expense, defers capital expense, and improves business uptime. 80% of all service disruptions are caused by faulty changes, and DDMA provides the visibility required for more effective changes.

  • Universal Configuration Management Database (uCMDB)
  • Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDMA)
  • Impact Analysis
  • Capacity Planning

Service Desk • Service Management

Manage Helpdesk calls and ensure exceptional service by automating escalation based on rules. Service Manager is scalable, robust software that's core to the IT Service Management (ITSM) solution with incident, change, and other management process standardisation, quality service delivery and support, and enhanced agent and end-user support. Providing a single communication hub, Service Manger enables IT to work as a single organisation governed by a consistent set of processes, scaling from medium-sized environments to the large enterprise. Its robust functionality is based upon built-in ITIL best-practices that enable self-service and provide controls for the cloud.