Data Governance • Metadata Management • Compliance

By using our open and extensible metadata platform, organisations are solving tough information management and operational issues in the areas of: Data Governance, GDPR, Regulatory Compliance, Small and Big Data integration, Business Intelligence Reporting, Data Privacy and Protection and Data Quality initiatives.

Organizations who need to answer the following information management questions with confidence and speed are using the Metadata Management solution:

  • Who is using the data?
  • Which data elements are used where?
  • What is the quality of the data?
  • What is the definition of an entity or attribute?
  • What processes use a specific object?
  • What applications will be impacted if my customer data “source” changes?
  • Which business functions are supported by this customer data?  
  • Which data elements are in compliance with industry standards?

The Metadata Management solution is the cornerstone of your organisation's GDPR, Regulatory Compliance and Data Governance.

The solution can be deployed on-premise or in a secure, managed hosting environment in the following ways:

Setup the core platform (repository and management capabilities). Extend its value through adding ‘data bridges’ that enable seamless metadata import from a wide variety of sources. Determine the number of end users, and their access levels (to secure the right amount of client access licenses) as well as the number of ‘workspace designers’ (requiring designer licenses) who will configure and enhance Views, Dashboards and Analytic services. Consulting and Engineering services, from Cognity and Adaptive, are ready to bring your implementation alive, from the basics through to advanced metadata and metamodel integration.

Data Quality

Data Quality solutions are critical components in successful data integration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, Data Warehouse (DW), Business Performance Management, Compliance and Big Data projects. We can provide you with a comprehensive set of solutions for greater global information integrity, wherever and however data is captured, collected, stored and manipulated within the enterprise.

Our solutions fully support the complete lifecycle of data management that includes data assessment and profiling, data standardisation, information enrichment, data linking and perpetual data quality monitoring. In each phase of this lifecycle, raw, inconsistent and chaotic data become more valuable and usable information that business users can trust and managers can use to optimise business performance.

Designed for diverse enterprise environments and technology architectures, the scalable and modular components of the solution for global data quality and data profiling can be ported across diverse systems, integrated with enterprise applications, iteratively tuned for consistent results and globally enabled for business without borders.

Maintaining high data quality in this environment requires the ability to understand and improve data quality during integration and migration projects, within real-time transactions and for third-party data feeds. We provide a Universal Architecture which answers these challenges with a scalable, flexible framework that supports the integration of data quality processes into any system, at any time, anywhere in the world. From tactical projects to strategic practices, the Universal Architecture increases integration efficiency, lowers development costs, and provides faster return on investment (ROI) from data quality initiatives through:

  • Modular software design - It comprises of self-contained, linked modules that you can configure and arrange to meet unique business needs. The ability to call any Total Data Quality process-Discovery, Standardisation, Cleansing, Enrichment, or Linking- individually from an application or from another data quality process lets you integrate only the data quality processes you need, when you need them, in the order you want them
  • Universal connectivity components - It includes an Integration Layer that streamlines your ability to incorporate data quality processes into any data flow. The components offered are Web Services (WS), connectors to ERP and CRM Systems, ETL Tools, EJBs, APIs for calling the DQ processes from Java, C/C++/C#, VB/, RPG and COBOL
  • Architecture-neutral core technology - It protects your ability to integrate data quality processes across even the most complex IT environments-in both batch and real-time business processes
  • Portable, reusable resources and tunable processes - The non-proprietary text format of the resource files, such as business rules, directories, and parameters, facilitates near-instantaneous replication and portability across practically any platform or system. In addition, multiple implementations can refer to a single, centralized set of resources. Both methods let you leverage efforts from one implementation across new projects and the entire enterprise, dramatically reducing costs in multiple implementations and allowing you to easily create, propagate, and maintain an enterprise data quality standard
  • Expandable, global support - Wherever your market evolves, we can support your business. Offering geographic data validation and cleansing for every country in the world and the most robust available support for more than 30 major global markets, we let you easily add country-specific data quality processes to meet new data management needs. We offer Unicode and double-byte character support, along with support for more than 30 common code pages; automatic recognition and routing of commingled country data.