The Importance of Digital CX

Nowadays, more and more businesses invest time and resources in creating great customer experience (CX). Why is CX so important to businesses? From the age of information we have now moved to the age of experience. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, meaning that if the customer is happy from the customer service he receives, there is a greater probability to repurchase or recommend your product or service to a friend. Thus, CX covers the interactions between the customer and our brand. Besides, studies have found that a strong CX derives from the unique connection among all the parties on the CX life-cycle.

CX Lifecycle

CX Lifecycle

Focusing on a superior CX, businesses can have a positive impact on revenues (higher profits), website visits, referrals, conversion rates and other metrics. According to recent studies, more and more customers prefer a personalized communication, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which proves that businesses need to adopt more automated solutions in their marketing & sales ecosystem in order to adapt to the new era of digitization. However, another study found that “if the customers were forced to choose, they would select fast, easy experiences over personalized ones”.

Businesses should automate their processes and think far from the usual channels in order to attract and retain customers. Mobile, social and other channels are the norm but you need to build the entire customer journey to deliver a more holistic, omni-channel customer experience. By mapping customer journeys, you could predict customer behavior and innovate, delivering the right product at the right time by the best channel (display, social, push, SMS, call center, etc.). Businesses should change their philosophy adopting practices that cover the CX life-cycle, which requires internal collaboration between marketing, sales, support and service.

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Marketing Technology solutions like Data Management Platform (DMP), Campaign Management as well as Mobile & Website Optimization could reduce operational costs, leverage customer acquisition, and increase customer engagement, loyalty and retention. Digital transformation is the key to stay strong in this competitive environment adapting to new technologies and customer preferences.

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