Core Banking Systems’ Integration: TT Hellenic Postbank & TBank

Executive Summary

TT Hellenic Postbank was established in 1900 with the objective of contributing to society and building a long tradition of prestige and reliability. TT Hellenic Postbank stands out as the Greek Savings Bank, being always there for citizens and building relations of trust. Today, the Hellenic Postbank fits the profile of a modern Bank with a wide depositor base and a healthy loan book, enjoying the required potential and financial background to provide substantial support to Hellenic economy and society. Recently, the Hellenic Postbank acquired TBank.

The Hellenic Postbank asked Cognity to implement the strategic imperative of creating an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) by integrating the existing Core Banking systems of the Hellenic Postbank and TBank andin order to create a unified network of Branches that would support the customers of both Banks with real time end-to-end processing of certain bank transactions.

Business Challenges

The main business challenges addressed in the context of this project were:

  • Create a unified network of needed branches of both Banks, that supports the entire customer base of the unified Bank
  • Complete the project in a very fast (2 month) timeframe
  • Serve the most common and key transactions from the unified branch network in a secure and auditable manner
  • Ensure that the end-users will use the existing front-end applications, thus minimizing training needs
  • Integrate the two Core Banking systems of the Hellenic Postbank and TBank for selected transactions, over an ESB
  • Enable a standards-based integration between the two Core Banking systems, so that it can be extended and serve additional transactions and channels
  • Provide real-time information and enable end-to-end transactions and business processes through the existing branch applications
  • Ensure that all actions are provisioned safely, correctly and on-time, so that the added value to the customer is assured
  • Support the advanced security, auditing and performance requirements of the Banks
  • Enable the implementation of add-on services and applications

Turning Vision into Results

Cognity implemented an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to integrate the existing Core Banking systems of the Hellenic Postbank (Profits) and TBank (Finacle), to enable selected real-time transactions between these systems from the existing Branch Teller applications. The ESB, implemented by Cognity on JBoss, provides the transactionality, security, performance, auditability and business process automation required in such mission-critical operations of the unified Bank.

The project was implemented by Cognity in an aggressive timeplan of 2 months, achieving the strategic objectives of the Hellenic Postbank to provide a Unified Branch Network for its Customers across Greece.

The ESB serves millions of euros worth of transactions in a fast, highly secure and auditable solution, complete with monitoring tools and reconciliation capabilities, ensuring compliance with the high standards set by the Bank, national and international bodies.

Furthermore, this infrastructure canbe extended to implement more transactions, services and applications, as well as to support additional channels of the Bank.

Cognity provides Maintenance & Technical support services to the Hellenic PostBank, based on a SLA.